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Welcome to Pragyanetic, Your source for quality Renewable Power Systems, Automation, Instrumentation, Data science & Artificial Intelligence Software Solutions Provider. 

In this Profile you will find valuable information on our products including products & services, who we are and what we do.

We Pragyanetic as Distributors of the State, Supply and Commission of Conventional/ Renewable Energy systems at a cost-effective & quality product for the use of Residential/Commercial purposes as per IEC and ISO Standards from KW to GW Power.

The spirit of invention on Green Revolution is what had driven our business ever since and Pragyanetic's scope is your need for Electrification and Automation for developing decision making systems. From package distribution to a full turnkey solution, either for a power plant in Conventional/Renewable Energy (or) Solutions in Software/IT Corridor we have experts who can address your problem with almost care and concern to provide an appropriate solution in time to add value to every rupee you spend for the solution.

Pragyanetic choose to be a service-oriented organization, focused on qualitative & cost effective Turnkey Solutions in Executing Conventional or Non-Conventional Power Generation Plants. We provide EPC and OEM Services with specific focus on Supply chain Distribution and Re-selling of Renewable energy systems for having connected to prime manufacturers to cater services with a huge warehouse space in twin cities, Telangana state. for providing turnkey EPC solutions to commercial, industrial and residential customers in entire Telangana and Andhra., We are aiming at reaching out with our strategic solution to entire South India first and then move onto country wide operations. Our Expert technical team having broad background in all types of remodel works, panel changes and upgrades, having extensive experience in Installation/Commissioning of Conventional/Renewable energy systems..  

Pragyanetic with its vast experienced professional in Artificial Intelligence practices, data Analytics and data science practices in developing model driven algorithms and routines expanding its wings into different domains in supporting their clients. And a love for all things geek, we have Houston’s solution to all your tech problems pertaining to AI implementation or Energy Generation, Any Artificial Intelligence/data science applications & data analytics requirements or Energy Solutions... Whatever your tech issue is, we've got you covered.


The spirit of invention is what has driven our business ever since and Pragyanetic scope is your need – From package distribution to full turnkey power plant. We are collectively causing climate change around the globe. Let us be mindful and take steps to neutralize it. Global collectivism across the nations is the need of the hour. 


In Continuity to Green Revolution Pragyanetic Green Vision (PGV) is to Solarize across the geography of the Indian Continent to enlighten Rural/Urban life with near to zero carbon footprints and create sources of livelihoodby creating Pragyanetic Incubation Centers.


To become the market-driven global leader in the Non-Conventional, Conventional energy and IT Industry. To Transforming Conventional use of Energy to Renewable Energy Sources. Implementation of quick decision making truthful system  by Applying Data science practices.


Electrifying by tapping Natural resources by reducing input cost To Carry on the business of Software Engineering Services in India and abroad to accelerate implementation of truthful systems by Applying Data science practices and techniques in bringing forth Artificial Intelligence & Neural networks.