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Green Wall

Thomas A. Edison

We Will Make Electricity So Cheap

That Only the Rich Will Burn Candles


Solarizing Country to Fulfil Green Revolution in the Indian continent. Pragyanetic is to implement Pragyanetic Green Vision (PGV) across the geography of the Indian Continent, enlightening Rural/Urban life and creating sources of livelihood wherein the villagers shall be trained on time & off time at Pragyanetic Incubation Centers by Ramping up Green Revolution. Solarization is one technique that reduces the radiations that emerged at the denser concrete jungles, majorly found in metropolitan cities. In Rural life, Renewable energy would add value to the Common man in their quality of life by electrifying by tapping Natural resources theirs by reducing input costs.


Pragyanetic mission is to become the market-driven global leader as an international trade consultant in supplying solar equipment, as a software startup providing IT/data science Practices & solutions, as an electrical energy provider in Conventional/Renewable energy delivering a supply of material and EPC services and as a civil engineering firm providing best in class infrastructure facilities. To Transforming Conventional use of Energy to Renewable Energy Sources which in turn ramp up Green Revolution in contributing to environmental change with fewer carbon footprints and Pragyanetic to Carry on the business of Software Engineering Services in India and abroad to accelerate the implementation of the truthful system by Applying Datascience practices and techniques in bringing forth Artificial Intelligence & Neural networks. 



Pragyanetic is fully committed to leading the industry on corporate social responsibility matters. Pragyanetic believes it can play a pivotal role in the world of industrial and healthcare electronics where its ultra-high efficiency products can save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions year after year. 


Pragyanetic established an environmental committee to help achieve its vision of leading the industry on environmental matters. Beneath that committee was put in place a network of environmental representatives for each of Pragyanetic Power's key sites.

These environmental representatives share ideas and best practices across the company and promote and encourage responsible environmental behaviour among its employees and engagement in the local communities in which it operates.


After a review, it was clearly evident that the greatest contribution Pragyanetic Power can make to protect the environment is by developing and encouraging customers to adopt Pragyanetic Power's ultra-high efficiency products. These class-leading "Green Pragyanetic Power " products waste less energy,  consume less physical material and avoid the use of hazardous substances.


In parallel, good environmental practices we have adopted within the facilities and the communities in which Pragyanetic operates.

Pragyanetic moving with the idea to Driving CO2 emissions to zero (and beyond) to be part of the CCUS index.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
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