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O & M

Solar PV Systems


Pragyanetic providing Solar PV Systems supply of material & engineering services in and around Telangana & AndhraPradesh due to the fact and advantage of being geographically located in Twin Cities, Hyderabad. 

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Procurement of

Conventional Energy

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Pragyanetic caters to material supply for specific conventional energy requirements such as transformers, capacitors, transistors etc. We have been providing quality products for conventional needs as per industrial standards.

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Training & development


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Apart from its ongoing Software development Pragyanetic after a thoughtful research designed and announcing a specialised datascience training modules which caters the need of Entry Level and Experienced Professionals. Our trainers are industry experts providing live training with realtime case studies.


Green Revolution

Corporate Social Responsibility


Pragyanetic has taken initiatives to promote Green revolution introducing training and inculcating  knowledge centres to provide how important is to adopt renewable energy sources to eradicate carbon footprints on our mother earth.

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We Pragyanetic Supply/Design/Install/Commission Renewable energy products for the use of Residential, Commercial users at a cost-effective price in varied packages keeping the quality of the product as per IEC/ISO Standards as prescribed by MNRE & TS-Redco as a major concern.. We cater Services ranging from KW to GW Power Generation systems.


After-Sale, Service is the most required and Pragyanetic is very prompt in giving services to their customer by regularly checking the customer  System Inspection to ensure panels are generating power as required and ensure the system is free from  breakage through thermal shock.


Pragyanetic having a pool of  qualified electrical engineers with expertise on conventional & renewable energy systems, to look after each and every aspect of customer`s quality requirements


Pragyanetic on the other hand very active and skillful in providing services in data science application and making a proven truthful system for the executives to make proper decisions based on their realtime data.


With its vast wings on software development and its expanded knowledge areas Pragyanetic is providing services in data science applications & Renewable energy sector contributing to Green Revolution in both the Industries. Alternately using data science to provide analytics in renewable systems as well.

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Aerial view of a modern concentrated sol
Pragyanetic Standard Solar Panel
Pragyanetic Standard Solar Panel

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Pragyanetic - Module Structure
Pragyanetic - Module Structure

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Home Owners Residential Roof Top
Home Owners Residential Roof Top

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Pragyanetic Standard Solar Panel
Pragyanetic Standard Solar Panel

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